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We are a market research and insight-based consultancy.

We explore deeper insights to help clients discover more opportunities.


Bluechipper is a market research consultancy that enlivens the best quality – to help businesses grow intuition from insights, inspire actions from recommendation.

We believe in the power of qualitative research to connect the dots in the sea of data points and complete the story. We serve businesses who starve for insights and ask too much ‘why’, to unlock the value of their big data.

Our specialty:

Digital qualitative (online community, mobile)

Ethnography (shop-alongs, in-home visits, social immersion)

Conventional qualitative (focus groups, expert interviews)

Customer journey mapping

Quantitative, data integration

Verified organization
Commitment to high quality and professional practice
Strong China focus
Based in Hong Kong with local network in Guangzhou and Shanghai reaching all over China

Contact Us

Level 4, Hang Seng Wanchai Building,

200 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3960 7644


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